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About Me

About Me


I began my own journey into this field with a deep interest in trauma and spent 10 years volunteering with Victim Services before begin working in the field of youth work, then into Addiction and Mental Health in 2001.  Throughout my experience, I have  had the honour of working with victims, offenders, youth and adults.  Through a private practice (since 2011), I have also had the pleasure of providing numerous trainings and workshops around the area of trauma and vicarious trauma (from 1 hour to 2 days).  I am trained in numerous modalities as I find that one approach does not meet the needs of all trauma survivors.  

Unlike many people in private practice, my practice focuses specifically on supporting people to heal from trauma and trauma related experiences.  I have also begun to offer consultation groups around specific approaches: EMDR and NMT.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

My Perspective of Trauma


When we think of "trauma", many of us often think of significant events that cause difficulties with coping.  However, the experience of trauma is much more than an event.  The experience of abuse, neglect or living with prolonged exposure to stress can have a significant impact on physical, emotional and spiritual health.  There are now numerous resources to promote healing. I have been trained in EMDR and NMT - which are both valuable trainings in approaching and working with trauma.  I would encourage you to explore resources - and if needed, find a practitioner that is suitable for you.


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